Rates effective April 1, 2016 and are subject to change.

Daycare Fee Schedule

** $5 Discount for full monthly payment made at beginning of each month! **

Infant Room
  • 10 – 12 Hours - $32.50+$2.50/hr Daily
  • 5 – 9.5 Hours - $32.50 Daily
  • Up to 4 Hours - $18.50Daily

Toddler Room
  • 10 – 12 Hours - $30.50+$2.50/hr Daily
  • 5 – 9.5 Hours - $30.50 Daily
  • Up to 4 Hours - $17.50Daily

Main Room
  • 10 – 12 Hours - $28.50+$2.50/hr Daily
  • 5 – 9.5 Hours - $28.50 Daily
  • Up to 4 Hours - $16.50Daily

Preschool Program Fee Schedule

The students can be enrolled in both childcare and the preschool/Prep kindergarten programs; however the cost will be calculated as appropriate for both. Please see the director to schedule for both. Fees for preschool are to be paid at the beginning of the month and there are no sick and/or vacation day allowances.

3-Year Old Program


4-Year Old Program


Discounts & Other Fee Information

Discounts and other fee information

All fees/tuition include the morning and afternoon snacks as well as lunch and drinks. If your child does not eat table food, regular milk or juice you will need to provide food and drinks for your child. While your child uses diapers and/or pull-ups, you will need to provide them as well as disposable wipes for us to use.

The following discounts apply to daycare costs and do not include preschool tuition.

(Only one discount applies)

Sibling discount: 10% discount given on your oldest child when more than one child attends.

Trinity Member discount: 10% discount on each child that attends.

If you choose to have your child attend our preschool program, which runs from September to May, your fee will be adjusted. During the preschool time they will be charged the preschool fee, while the time in childcare will be charged according to the fee schedule.

You are allowed one sick day per month but you must call before 8 am of that day to receive the credit.

Vacation time needs to be scheduled two weeks in advance and there will be a fee charged for 8 hours for each week of vacation. There is no vacation time for the preschool classes.

Fees are due the Friday prior to the week we are providing childcare services.

If paying by month they are due before the first of that month to receive the discounted rates.

Please do not bring your child prior to his/her scheduled start time. We schedule our staff according the scheduled start and end times provided by the parents. Please pick up your child at his/her scheduled end time. If there is an emergency, please contact TLPC as soon as you are able.

A late fee of $5 will be charged for every 15 minutes the child is here past the scheduled end time. A late fee of $15 will be charged for every 15 minutes after the 6:00 pm closing time.

Families who require child care assistance are responsible for contacting the correct state agency to complete any necessary paperwork, keeping the authorization updated, for using it appropriately, and for covering any portion of the tuition not covered by the state agency.

There is a $25 returned check fee.

**Please turn in the upcoming monthly schedule by the third Tuesday of each month.**

If you are unable to provide a monthly schedule, please contact the director. A minimum 2-week schedule is required, due by the Tuesday prior. Any changes during the month need to be approved by the director and need to be done at least a week in advance.